25th November 2017

The Sailing Bible

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The Sailing Bible shows you how to get into the sport, including how to sail a dinghy or a yacht. Dinghy sailors will be guided on the best dinghies to suit their ability as well as the best places to sail and basic sailing techniques. The more adventurous will learn how to use the trapeze and master spinnaker technique for high peformance sailing. Cruiser sailors will learn specific skills such as how to handle a yacht under sail as well as power, and how to manage a crew. Picking up a mooring, berthing in a marina, using the anchor knowing how to read the weather patterns and signs, and navigating using traditional methods and modern navigational equipment will all soon become second nature.

Anyone who enjoys sailing will want to play a part in the boat's maintenance and upkeep. Find out how to maintain a yacht in tip top condition as well as being safe at sea - planning ahead, reading signals on other vessels and acquiring a basic knowledge of first aid and emergency repais.

The practical information together with clear action photographs in The Sailing Bible make it an essential guide for anyone who wants to learn to sail, as well as for more experienced sailors whose aim is to improve their overall skills. It will become your constant onboard and armchair reference.

The Sailing Bible