22nd September 2017

2810 Jonbuoy rescue sling - Soft case

Product Code: 2810
Was: £97.00 per unit
Now: £71.00 per unit
The new Jonbuoy inflatable rescue sling has been specifically designed for the quick and easy recovery of a water borne casualty.

Packed in a compact easily stowable soft or hard case, this product can be attached to any suitable boat or land based fixture.

In an emergency, simply attach the secure clip to an appropriate strong point, open the container tube and pull out the sling pouch.

The pouch weight allows an accurate throw to the casualty of up to 30 metres. Upon contact with the water teh sling automatically inflates ready to provide reassuring visibility and buoyancy.
SWL 175kg.

Case dimensions - 51x11cm, weight - 1.5kg.
2810 Jonbuoy rescue sling - Soft case