22nd November 2017

Teak - Mouldings and VariousTrims

Teak is acknowleged internationally as the ideal wood for marine use - it is durable, weather resistant, repels insect and fungus attack and is not harmed by acids or alkalis. All teak products are crafted from genuine teak wood.To enhance your boat interior, it is simple matter to edge bulkheads, companionways, table tops and bunk supports with mouldings. All mouldings are supplied in 2 metre lengths with a sanded finish. All measurements are in metric. All inside corners have a groove on the outside, and all outside corners have a groove on the inside. Profiles and corners are made as accurately as possible, however due to machine tolerances it may be necessary to sand joints to match exactly.Freight charges are extra and start from £14.00 incl vat for teak mouldings