26th September 2017

Adhesives & Thinners

Due to the hazardous content of the adhesives they now have to be packed in a special box and there is an exra charge for this.  We are not able to send adhesives to Ireland, as all parcels are now flown.

Contact Adhesive: Is available for use with our foam backed lining, in two sizes 1 litre and 5 litres. We estimate that one litre will cover 4sq metres of material. The adhesive should be applied in an even layer to the boats surface with a paint brush, it is not necessary to apply to the material itself.

Cleaners: A special cleaner T160 can be used to clean the adhesive from the face of the material and from clothes and hands without harm, toluene based, avaliable in 1 litre and 5 litre cans.

Thinners: A special thinner T559, available in 1 litre and 5 litre cans can be used to thin the adhesive should you need a runny consistency, and for reactivating old adhesive. Should not be used to clean material.

Trade Tack- High Heat: is a special adhesive recommmended when using mural mousse and should be applied to both surfaces and then left until solvent has evaporated, approx 25 mins

Tusk Bond: Available in 500ml aerosol cans used on the Bio Pruf headlining. This adhesive also available in 17kg canister together with a hose and gun ideal for contract work.

Magi Sponge: Chemical free, removes marks, stains and dirt previsouly found to be immovable. It will remove permanent marker, biro, food stains, drink and grime. Restores plastic furniture and discolouration from polycarbonate. Lightly dampen the spone with plain tap water and gently rub away the stain, the sponge may be used several times.