20th November 2017

Treadmaster Non Slip Deck Covering

Treadmaster Non Slip Deck Covering

When it comes to the safety of you and your crew there can be no compromise. That is why for over thirty years, professional Seamen and Yachtsmen have put their trust in Treadmaster. The secret of this remarkable product is a carefully selected and blended combination of polymers and cellular ingredients. This produces a material with excellent anti-slip properties when wet or dry, without the harsh abrasive surface assosiated with non-slip deck paints or tapes. Treadmaster is manufactured to BS5750 Part 2. Sheet sizes 1200mm x 900mm.

Treadmaster Original - available in two surface finishes - smooth and diamond pattern, and a range of colours. Sheet size 1200 x 900mm. Excellent anti-slip properties wet or dry. Easy to cut and fit and very hard wearing.

  • M grade - the traditional diamond pattern, ideal for covering foredecks, boarding ladder treads and cockpit soles.
  • SP grade - has a user-friendly surface which, whilst still providing sure footing, is comfortable to sit and kneel upon. This makes it ideal for cabin soles and cockpit areas.
Treadmaster Pads

Treadmaster Pads are self-adhesive and are in packs of two 275mm x 135mm with 25mm radius corners. Provides a simple way to protect high wear areas and steps etc. Simply clean down deck, peel off backing and apply.

Available in M and SP pattern.

Treadmaster Marine Adhesive
  • Can be used to fix Treadmaster Original or Sport
  • Two Part Epoxide System
  • Ideal for most deck types
  • Provides a permanent bond
  • Full instructions on can
  • Coverage approx. 1m sq per pack